If you’re like most of our clients, you’re ready to make a change and feel good again. But you’re not looking for a one-part solution. You want wellness for your whole body, including:

  • Relieving stress
  • Boosting your energy
  • Reducing the medications you take
  • Finding a nutrition plan you enjoy — and will keep
  • Busting belly fat
  • Increasing strength
  • Rehabbing injuries
  • Reducing pain and inflammation
  • Treating the cause of your chronic illness

Sound right? Then, welcome to Trivida, a personal training and healthcare studio. When you invest in whole body healthcare, you’ll have the energy, stamina, and strength to be your best at work and home.

What Makes Trivida So Different

Trivida didn’t begin in a gym — the light bulb went off in the locker room of a football arena, and the passion grew in a hospital. Founder Corey Feldman was an athletic trainer and Physician Assistant first. Rehabilitation, western medicine, and emergency care — he learned these skills because he believed in customized, collaborative healthcare.

While working as an athletic trainer for the Colorado Crush and Denver Broncos, Corey discovered two things:

  1. Athletes have a team of health professionals, from chiropractors to neurosurgeons, who work together.
  2. They also have trainers who help them stay fit while rehabbing an injury.

So, why don’t everyday people, like you and us, have access to the same?

Inspired, Corey completed a Masters in Medical Science and became a Physician Assistant. But, he ran into a problem. As a provider, he only had seven minutes to listen to his patients, diagnose, and treat.

He struggled to make an impact that could change their lives. The turnaround came when Corey met a 55-year-old man named Doug in the emergency room. Despite following all the recommendations western medicine had to offer — from taking his medication to having regular checkups — Doug was admitted to the hospital with chest pains.

The chest pains turned into a massive heart attack. And Doug left this world, his wife, and children behind way too early. Corey knew if he met Doug ten years earlier, he could have taught him how to eat better, reduce stress, take supplements, and potentially change the path of his life.

So, in 2013, Corey created Trivida to integrate personal training, nutrition, and functional medicine.


Trivida offers a new standard of personalized attention and whole body health, plus a strong sense of community.

Our mission is to combine experts in the area if medicine, mobility, and food science, so people have everything they need to become their own champion and achieve goals they once thought impossible.

We’re revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Every day, we see people choose to care for themselves the way their mind and body deserves. Will you join us?

Our Values


Functional Medicine


We will always do work that’s in the best interests of our clients; lending a hand when it’s needed, respecting each other’s beliefs and skills, and telling the truth even when it’s hard to hear.

Denver functional medicine


We believe that everything we do, every day, can positively impact the world. So we choose to be ridiculously excited about what we do and do it all with a smile.

trivida functional medicine


You won’t always be motivated, but you can learn to be disciplined so you succeed.

Education on Functional Medicine


We turn challenges into advantages. Because when you surround yourself with the right resources and support, we’re all capable of more than what we first believe.

Functional Medicine in Denver


We are committed to being experts in our field; seeking knowledge and keeping an open mind for better ways to serve others.

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