Excited about what we do, our team is positioned to help you be healthy, look great, and live life. Seekers of the silver lining, setbacks and obstacles fuel them to move forward and be stronger. Their ability to hear beyond problems and identify new solutions amazes us every day — and our clients kind of like them too.



Formerly an athletic trainer for the Colorado Crush and Denver Broncos, Corey is also a Physician Assistant with a Masters in Medical Science from St. Francis University. For six years, he worked in urgent cares, family practices, and emergency rooms. However, he was seeing over 60 patients a day and realized traditional medicine had lost its bedside manners. Combining his medical practice with his Bachelors in Sports and Exercise Science from the University of Northern Colorado, Corey founded Trivida to spend more time with his patients so they could get faster, real results. When Corey isn’t meeting with clients one-on-one, he’s immersed in research and learning how he can better treat clients.

Best Kept Secret:I’m a 5th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Level 1 Krava Maga Instructor.

Favorite Food: Safta’s Bourekas…or anything you put in front of me.



Years ago, Meghann created a proposal that won her company a dream project — building a city from scratch. The island is now one of the premier destinations in the Middle East, and Meghann realized that even though she was a grain of sand in the project, her actions impacted the world. Inspired, Meghann left her career to create an even bigger impact on people’s lives. Around the same time, Meghann met Corey on eHarmony, and on the first date he told her about his idea for Trivida. She knew the world needed his passion, drive, and help, and jumped at the chance to support him. With a Bachelors of Science in Business and Administration from Colorado State University, Meghann now works alongside Corey to help people with their emotional and physical wellbeing — and she manages Trivida’s daily operations and marketing.

Best Kept Secret:I’m a dual citizen — Australian and American. My father was born and raised in Australia, and I studied abroad and lived there for a few years.

Favorite Food: Pizza, which can make life hard because I’m gluten and dairy-free!



Raised here in Colorado, Dr. Datolli did her medical training at the Uniformed Services University in Bethesda, MD (the military’s medical school). She served as a Family Practice doctor in the Air Force for 10 years. She found functional medicine after being unable to overcome chronic fatigue for 3 years. Corey has helped her to regain her energy and now she’s excited to help other clients do the same. She loves seeing all clients, but her passions are women and children’s health, especially fertility, pregnancy, postpartum as well as children with ADHD and autism. She has 3 very talkative little boys: 9 year old twins and a 5 year old. When she’s not in clinic, you’ll find her wrangling children, reading, cross stitching or hiking.



Andy isn’t your typical personal trainer. Focusing on the individual — not the goals — he encourages people to push outside their limits without breaking down. Driven by his belief that feeling good mentally and physically can help people get through hard times, Andy pursued a career in fitness. With a B.S. in Exercise Science from Colorado Mesa University, he joined Trivida because of the fun, family environment our small business has fostered. He’s also mastered the art of continuous improvement and learning; working towards a Precision Nutritionist Certification and getting “a little uncomfortable to get better.” When he’s not helping our clients achieve their goals, he loves spending time outdoors with his fiancé, Erica.

Best Kept Secret: I’m a big nerd. I love video games, science, and books.

Favorite Food: Tacos! Can’t go wrong there.

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